Liaoning wit Engineering Technology Co., Ltd., formerly known as Witt smart decoration technology Engineering Limited, was founded in 1997. 2011 changed to the Liaoning Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. Witt. Business: indoor and outdoor environmental art deco, machinery and equipment research and development, machinery and electronic equipment sales, plant ventilation and central air conditioning system design and installation. 
      Liaoning stage Witt has to provide products and technical services to BMW Brilliance Shenyang Master Kong Beverages Ltd., Shanghai air-conditioning Factory, Shenyang auto parts company, Yellow Bus and other companies. Product coverage including non-standard production line design; engineering design and installation; engineering and technical consulting and services. Such as: supporting the production line car air conditioners, home air conditioners, central air conditioning system design development and production; design development and production of the automotive industry's production line equipment; factory exhaust system design and installation; equipment maintenance and technical advice. Witt will continue to increase in the future R & D efforts, the expansion of product coverage, the non-standard equipment to achieve better and more refined. 
      Witt, Liaoning Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. will put customers' needs first, for your dedicated service!

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